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Did you know that on average...?


of start-ups and new businesses fail


fail to qualify for and enter accelerator programs


of businesses fail due to poor strategic management


lack an understanding of market need

This information is extremely frightening, however, it's also precisely what the JumpStartMe module addresses!

How does the JumpStartMe module help?


​Who benefits from the JumpStartMe module?

  • Municipal Councils in Victoria who have programs geared towards promoting entrepreneurship and start-up ecosystems.
  • Entrepreneurs and SMEs starting off or looking to transform their overall strategy and business readiness/viability.
  • Institutes of higher education that facilitate and host entrepreneurship and business development programs/initiatives.
  • Business development organisations, programs, and initiatives that are focused on helping start-ups succeed and grow.

​Existing pain points and challenges

  • Limited Pre-Accelerator Assistance
  • A Lack of business readiness
  • Conceptualisation of Strategy

At the heart of any successful enterprise is a formidable go-to-market and revenue generation strategy. Without a clear vision of how to accomplish objectives, even the most fortunate entrepreneurs will have short-lived success. Unfortunately, strategy formulation and conceptualisation is precisely where most enterprises struggle.

JumpStartMe's module is highly tailored to help SMEs structurally improve their strategy, better understand their business, and become more competitive. This is especially true and viable in segments that are becoming increasingly saturated.

​Benefits of the JumpStartMe model

A dedicated focus on entrepreneurs during their early stages

Service offering to regional areas that currently get insufficient attention

Removal of road blocks that hinder conversion of ideas

Improve likely success rates and reduce the risk of failure

Avoid common pit falls/mistakes that lead to failure

Ignite your economy by stimulating innovation

Validation of ideas that may not be business ready

Comprehensive mentoring with guaranteed results

Ready-to-implement model for biz dev initiatives

Help entrepreneurs and SMEs improve their strategies

Understand your business and industry better

Identify USPs and be more competitive in your segment

​Our "Why"

Kent Wighton


Our passion directly stems from our belief in Australia's huge talent pool of entrepreneurs and personnel, which is not currently being fully utilized - mostly due to the fact that they aren't getting the help they need. Far too often, we come across great ideas that fail to materialise into thriving enterprises and businesses.

JumpStartMe was set up to alleviate this by validating and progressing these new innovative ideas into sustainable and growing businesses. Our team is very much looking forward to helping various regions across Australia ignite the entrepreneurial fire within by working with organisations that carry out local business development initiatives.

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